Oysters are beloved throughout Louisiana, and rightfully so: the sweet, lightly briny flavor of Gulf oysters is unmatched by any found elsewhere in the U.S.

Oyster adorers have learned to love their soft chewy texture, as within it lies the oyster’s merrior—those flavor-defining characteristics that come from the waters where the oyster matured. The varieties of plankton the oyster eats, the type of water filtering through it—all of the elements of its environment are present in the oyster’s flavor, just as a wine reveals elements of its upbringing at first sip.

Once shucked, oysters are delicious served raw, fried, chargrilled, stewed, Rockefellered, Bienvilled and just about any other way you can imagine.

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Louisiana oysters are largest during the cooler months, October through April. Oysters are available year-round in Louisiana, so you’ll never have to go without. 



Live in-shell oysters should be stored at 40-45 F, and it’s best to avoid colder temperatures or sudden temperature fluctuations. If you aren’t going to cook the oysters immediately, place them in a covered bowl and refrigerate. Properly refrigerated oysters will keep for 10 to 14 days; however, they are best when used as soon as possible. Shucked oysters that have not been cooked can be stored in their liquor, covered and refrigerated for 10 to 14 days.


Oysters can be frozen in their shells, on the half shell or fully shucked. Freeze shucked oysters in an airtight container with their liquor. Thaw the frozen oysters in the refrigerator overnight.


Cooked oysters can be sealed and refrigerated for three to four days.

Serving Size

Standards (normal-sized oysters) yield 300–500 oysters per gallon. Thirty-six oysters of this size are the recommend serving for one person. Selects (larger oysters) yield 210–300 oysters per gallon, and a dozen oysters would make a single serving. Extra selects (very large oysters) yield 160–210 oysters per gallon and a serving would be six to eight oysters per person.


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